Crispy Chicken Salad

Salata Çıtır TavukCripsy chicken salad is one of the irreplaceable menus of healthy living and diet menus; head lettuce, polorosso, canned corns and tomato slices and served with roasted chicken burger cut with julienne style.



En Yakın Şube


The fast food consumption habit that started many years ago continues with the Etiler Marmaris Journey in 15 cities with a total of 45 branches in Turkey today. Etiler Marmaris Istanbul aims to expand its addictive flavours that contributed to the food culture towards the entire Turkey first, and to abroad afterwards. In the regard of this goal, Etiler Marmaris completed its mission to institutionalize in 2011 and it continues to grow each day with its educated and dynamic personnel, benefitting franchise structure and strong operational support.

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